“Free government cannot long endure where people cannot secure a home, an education or support in old age”
~ Rutherford B. Hayes, 19
th US President

Inflation and deflation are temporary symptoms of an economy that's out of tune for two reasons. First, prices are distorted and wages are lowered by artificially low-earning foreign workers competing against American workers on American soil. These aren’t just agricultural labor anymore – they span the entire gamut of all jobs including the following fields: law, accounting, IT, software, merchant services, medical, commercial cleaning, construction, painting, landscaping, advertising, etc. Some of these are illegal immigrants, but MANY OF THEM ARE LEGAL H-1B IMPORTS BROUGHT IN BY BIG BUSINESS AND THE US GOVERNMENT FOR THE EXPLICIT PURPOSE OF REPLACING AMERICAN JOBS.
All other countries of the world have the common sense to protect their own citizens from economic terrorism. The United States on the other hand only protects multinationals. Secondly, the monetary system in the US is bankrupt. The money supply is no longer measured with gold and the Federal Reserve simply prints more whenever it wants more profits for its foreign investors (China, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Some say capitalism has failed – that we are finally paying the price for hyper consumerism. But it's not consumerism that's the problem - it’s a combination of things:

1. A
lack of good paying jobs, due to
Outsourcing, and
Insourcing due to
Corruption of “public servants” bought off by
Multinationals who control the
Money Supply, federal reserve, etc. with a
Fractional reserve banking system

So what is needed is the following:

1. Make
all political contributions illegal, all campaigns govt. funded. Outlaw lobbying of ALL forms, not just for the executive branch but also for congress where most of the abuse actually occurs.

Close all H-1B programs and other outsourcing / insourcing scams

Withdraw from all so-called “Free Trade” agreements. These include NAFTA, CAFTA and anything “negotiated” with the World Trade Organization. Not a single one of these “agreements” favor Americans in any way and in fact hurt them. They were never voted on. Move back toward previously successful fair trade policies

Eliminate the Federal Reserve and move back to a gold standard. Require 100% deposits on reserve (eliminate fractional reserve banking). All 3 branches of government would police this. We could still have private lenders, but our economy would not be enslaved to them

Term limits - one 6-year term for everyone

The end result of this would be many more and higher paying jobs for Americans and lower “shareholder value” for investors. Once we tackle these critical foundational issues, we can be financially strong enough to begin addressing the others. On the other hand, if we start in the wrong order or ignore these issues, we will be defeated before we start.

To begin with, we need to stop blaming ourselves and fighting with each other over secondary issues and go after those who are REALLY harming America - our so-called "public servants" who are really just multinational servants. By allowing for career politicians, we have given incentives for corruption.

Don't be duped!

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool."
~ Richard P. Feynman