In contemplating the causes, which may disturb our Union, it occurs as matter of serious concern, that any ground should have been furnished for characterizing parties… the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it
~ George Washington

The American Consensus Party

If George Washington cautioned against forming political parties, why are we a political party? We are a party like none other in that
we stand for no ideological issue. The platform is based solely on what George Washington called “common interests”. We are the “un-party” party.

The American Consensus Party is a new political party in the USA that focuses on the following issues at the exclusion of all other issues:

Foreign Policy

The reason for this limited set of concerns is that the party is designed to promote
collective issues that affect all Americans regardless of how they feel about divisive issues such as:

Gay Rights

Its not that we don’t believe that these fringe issues are important – in fact many party members feel very strongly about these issues on both sides. Our members consist of a wide array of political ideologies:

Conservatives & Liberals
Republicans & Democrats
Independents & Greens
Christians, Jews, Muslims, whomever!
Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, whatever!
Gays & Straights

In other words,
all Americans are represented. We believe that no matter where people stand on divisive social issues, they can still agree on the core issues promoted by our party. We just choose to leave our ideologies at the doorstep and focus on taking back America for all Americans, especially the vanishing Middle Class. We can always get back to arguing anytime, but now is not that time. The country is in crisis.

The Largest “Special Interest” Group in the USA has No Voice in Washington D.C.
The reason we do not seek to move in traditional political circles is the fact that they no longer represent us – any of us. The two major political parties in America have been literally bought out by well-financed special interests. If you are a member of these special interest groups, it is safe to say you will not be interested in this party, and that’s fine. If you are a republican or a democrat and you think these parties are already representing you, we respectfully disagree with you and ask your patience while we prove you wrong.

The Republicans and the Democrats have gained their power for two reasons:
wedge issue politics and lots of payola. Using wedge issues, they have managed to get the electorate all riled up about very divisive issues like abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, etc. If they can convince you they are on “your side” using these issues, they will get your vote – and they will gain the favor of certain well-hidden financiers. On the surface, this sounds just like politics as usual. But in reality it is a smokescreen that allows them to vote against your basic interests behind your back. Why would they do such a thing? That’s where payola comes in. While it’s probably true that only a small percentage of so-called “public servants” take bribes directly, most eventually do in a less obvious form. After they leave office, most politicians are hired by lobbying firms (at lucrative salaries and other untold payola forms) to peddle influence for almost any business issue you can imagine, and for the highest bidder. This illustrious list includes drug companies, law firms, foreign countries, and defense contractors, to name a few. What are missing is any special interest groups that might have influence on issues all American Workers care about like jobs, education, the environment, healthcare, immigration control, etc. Its not that special interest groups don’t exist for these issues, they simply have no power because democracy has become overwhelmed by supercapitalism. If you think that’s okay – that politics can exist as a sort of “supply & demand” market, you are wrong. It’s “game over” because these special interests are enormously wealthy – beyond anything you can imagine. They have so much wealth and power that they eventually control all politicians who choose to remain in politics – including our new president. And lest you think that any of these special interests serve your interests (perhaps as a chance side effect) you will also be very disappointed and disillusioned when you learn the truth.

Find this hard to believe? We used to as well, but now we get it. To fully understand exactly what is happening, we highly recommend reading a book called “Supercapitalism” by Dr. Robert Reich, former Harvard professor and currently a professor at UC Berkeley. Reich served under the Clinton Administration as the 22
nd Secretary of Labor and has taken the painstaking effort to document the rise and the fall of public representation (democracy) in America. He personally knows many of the players that now run your life and has been gracious and honest enough to speak out against their plans to fleece our country. In a nutshell, the book describes how our political process is now controlled 100% by multinationals. Another book to read is “War On The Middle Class” by CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs. Both books describe a political process that ought to scare the pants off of any American because our government has been completely and thoroughly taken over by special and many times even foreign interests. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has also done extensive reporting on this issue. It is important to understand that although Reich is a Liberal, Dobbs is an Independent and Beck is a Conservative, these issues are not liberal, conservative nor independent issues – they are common economic and social issues. Finally, visit the web site and learn the underpinning philosophy behind the American Consensus Party (Feel free to offer any suggestions via email on the site).

Where Do We Go From Here?
In short, our government no longer represents our interests in any way, shape or form. The country we once knew as “of the people, by the people and for the people” is simply gone.

But do not despair! We understand that
the largest special interest group in America is actually those that are either in or are aspiring to join the Middle Class. So we actually have a huge advantage if we can just mobilize against these two large parties. This struggle will not be easy, but it is certainly worthwhile. Besides, are you going to spend the rest of your life arguing with your fellow Americans while watching the country we all love evaporate before our eyes? Not us. Please join us as we begin the fight to take back the country we know and love.